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Selecting and Screening Volunteers

Published on March 26, 2021 By Scott Stuart

In today’s busy world, churches and schools rely on volunteers more than ever. It’s important to not only select the right volunteers for the right jobs, but to also screen your volunteers. While it may seem like mission impossible, with some planning and organization, your church or school can develop a robust volunteer program. Selecting […]

Develop A Volunteer Safety And Security Team

Published on March 9, 2021 By Scott Stuart

It can be challenging to build a safety and security ministry based on volunteers, but it can be done. By following this five-step process, you can create a volunteer force that sustains itself and provides fulfillment to the individuals who give their time and energy to make it a success. Identify the team – Strong […]

Accident Insurance

Published on December 29, 2019 By Scott Stuart

Accident Insurance can help with the following medical expenses associated with a covered injury:  Hospital bills, including room and board Emergency room and outpatient treatment Medical or surgical treatment by a licensed doctor Prescription drugs and medicines Care for dental injuries Ambulance expenses Coverage applies on an excess basis, after all other applicable health care plans […]

How To Celebrate July Fourth Safely

Published on June 27, 2019 By Scott Stuart

Fireworks during the Fourth of July are as American as apple-pie, but did you know that two out of five fires reported on that day are started by fireworks, more than for any other cause? So you think it cannot happen to you? Here are a few facts: In 2018 over 9,800 people went to […]

Steps for Business Disaster Preparedness

Published on July 10, 2014 By Scott Stuart

There are many things churches can do to prepare for the impact of the many natural hazards they face including floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes.  Developing an emergency preparedness plan is one of the most important strategic decisions you will make as a church leader. Your Business Insurance Company May offer Resources Check with us to determine […]