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The Olympics of Independent Insurance

July 27, 2012

This week starts the summer Olympics in London. Every 2 years there are summer or winter games on an alternating 4 year schedule. I set my clocks to get up early or stay up late to watch certain events and athletes. Who can ever forget Usain Bolt’s run through the record books 4 years ago […]

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Social Media has Changed the Currency of Doing Business

July 23, 2012

Social media platforms have allowed consumers to VOTE daily for products and services. The quality of your services soon rises or fails via this impartial vote. Consumers more proficiently recognize and reward quality service with positive, enthusiastic, and in some cases, relentless feedback. At the heart of doing business in this new business environment are […]

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Why an Independent Insurance Agent

July 9, 2012

Who really cares? Isn’t all insurance the same and all people really care about is getting the lowest cost? What is the difference between various insurance carriers? Is an independent agent any better then a large corporate brand employee? Lots of questions and few answers for issues ALL of us face each and every time […]

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