Develop A Volunteer Safety And Security Team

It can be challenging to build a safety and security ministry based on volunteers, but it can be done. By following this five-step process, you can create a volunteer force that sustains itself and provides fulfillment to the individuals who give their time and energy to make it a success.

  • Identify the team – Strong people skills, observant, good judgement, possible law enforcement experience.
  • Recruit – Meet face to face. Make sure your prospective volunteer knows that an application process involving a criminal background check is required.
  • Train – Generally, safety and security training involves both individual and group activities. You’ll need to explain your church’s policy and guidelines for dealing with different types of security needs domestic violence versus teenage pranks, for example.
  • Deploy – This step deploys your new volunteer to his or her area of responsibility. On the first deployment, it’s important to check in at regular intervals and see how your new volunteer is doing.
  • Manage – Try not to allow volunteers’ excitement about their ministry get the best of them. If team members serve every weekend for all services and extra events during the week, that excitement can fade quickly. It will be replaced by burnout, fatigue, discouragement, and even spiritual exhaustion.

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