Why an Independent Insurance Agent

Who really cares? Isn’t all insurance the same and all people really care about is getting the lowest cost? What is the difference between various insurance carriers? Is an independent agent any better then a large corporate brand employee?

Lots of questions and few answers for issues ALL of us face each and every time we get our insurance renewal in the mail or our latest bill. Imagine the issue this causes for the church or camp director who is trying to squeeze every nickel out of his meager budget? What is the wise and prudent thing to do?

Well the simple answers are-

  • Not all insurance companies are the same- most value certain market segments more then others and offer better rates and good coverage. An independent agent can steer you to these companies based on your particular situation.
  • Is the lowest cost the best solution for me? Not always, as it usually comes with deductibles and liability limits that may not be in your best interest.
  • Larger institutions can swing a bigger stick- If you are managing the insurance portfolio for a church or large camp, call and interview several companies. Develop a relationship with your agent and tell him your church or camp story. You may be surprised at how much that information may go toward his ability to find you the best rates and coverage.
  • Look for vendor partner- anybody can buy or sell insurance, you should be looking for a partner that understands your business (church) and constantly is looking for ways and products to protect your property, employees and visitors in the most cost beneficial solution.

Bottom line, call an independent insurance agent today like CMI Risk for a free evaluation of your church or ministry.

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