Ministry Security

Are you involved in a church or ministry and are responsible for safety and security of your employees, members and/or guests? Now is the time to become trained in handling “lightning strike” situations before they happen. The Church is a target for radical organizations and individuals who seek to wreak havoc regardless of the cost. It is Leadership’s job to prepare for these situations and implement the plans to minimize and/or prevent disaster from happening. As one of the Security Team members at my home church I can tell you from first hand knowledge that these risks exist. Suburban and rural churches are just as much at risk as the inner city churches.

One of the tools we provide at CMI Risk is the availability of information and reputable conferences regarding church safety/security. A ministry security regional training is taking place this coming September 20th at Mt Scott church of God in Portland, Oregon. Please visit This training is being conducted by the Center for Personal Protection and Safety which is sponsored by Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company. Below are a few of the topics that will be discussed;

· Shots fired incident
· Pro’s and con’s of outsourced security guards
· Keys to creating a healthy and safe workplace
· How to recognize a crisis before it occurs
· Training for safe Mission Trip travel
· How to develop a safety and security plan for your church

Don’t miss this opportunity to protect the bride. Take action now and become equipped for the issues that face all of us in church leadership!

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