Cyber Liability; The Risk That Evolves Daily

How Cyber Liability threatens your church every day

Did you know that an average church has a greater chance of having a cyber breach than it does of having a fire? It is true, and your church insurance policy most likely will cover cyber liability losses to some degree.

Technology has enabled the common criminal to get into the world of cyber crime. Churches are a prime target, as most ministries have little to no protection. Criminals can actually purchase programs that can be set up to hack dozens of churches at the same time. It is important that your business has the right business insurance, including cyber liability insurance. Here are a few of the evolving cyber threats.

Malware hacks

These are programs that can be attached to an email or web site. The malware then can target specific systems.

Example–A small church clerk opened an email with a malware attached. The hack program then found 500 credit card numbers of members. The church did not know about the hack until members called about the fraudulent charges. The church incurred over $75,000 in notification and payment expenses.

Social Hackers

This scam involves someone posing as a trusted bank or other advisor. The criminal then relies on the business owner or manager believing the call is legitimate and divulging privileged information.

Example–A business manager received a call from a hacker (acting as a bank official) requesting verification of account information. Through the process, the hacker obtained privileged information. They then used this information together with other data to make withdrawals from church accounts.

Key Business Insurance Coverage Offers Real Solutions

  • Cyber liability
  • Data restoration coverage
  • Business income or loss income
  • Legal notification coverage and expense


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