The 2012 Election Will Dramatically Affect Small Business

Election 2012- Small Business-CMI Risk Insurance

The old political tactics of kissing babies and pandering to seniors have largely been replaced by the all-out love fest of small business owners by each political party. Most astute small business owners are interested in seeing actual policy changes that will impact their business in the new year.

Small Business Concerns

Politicians this year have consistently spoken to the needs of small business but there is a history of these same government officials voting with a different conscious and concern once they are in office. Issues and policies that are of paramount interest to the small business owner this fall include the following three key areas;


Each party represents a clear black and white stance in their view of government regulation; The Republicans discuss how regulations are standing in the way of America’s economic recovery. The opposite view is held by the Democrats as they feel that governmental deregulation is the leading cause of our recent economic downturn recession. Interestingly both positions could be defended by small business owners as sales tax or tax subsidies to incentive growth can and would be used by large business as well. Hence, the issue for small business is not really more or less governmental regulation BUT programs and incentives that they can utilize to grow their business.

Obama Care

Depending on the size of your company and current insurance plan you offer your employees, this is a concern for ALL companies. Will it level the playing field or cause companies currently offering plans to drop them entirely and just pay the penalty?

Federal Minimum Wage

Again, varying opinions have been shared about the effect of the current $7.25 minimum wage on small business owners. It would be easy to see how increasing minimum wages as a boost to small businesses and thereby giving consumers more money to spend and increase demand for their goods and services.

Either side of the aisle you sit on as a small business owner, you need a partner in walking you through the land mines of doing business in the future. Your best and most affordable partner (as he does get paid by you!) is your independent insurance agent.

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