Best Attributes of a Small Church or Ministry

Business owners or entrepreneurs are constantly pushing the envelope of new trends to find the next best process, product or service in order to entice business growth. Many of these same attributes are worthy of ministry or church leader evaluation.

It’s a subject that provokes a lot of discussion within the church but is still worthy of pursuit when you can articulate your skill sets and needs for future growth;

Determination - CMIRisk Church Ministry InsuranceDetermination. It can take a lot of determination to get a church plant up and running that is fiscally viable as well as spiritually relevant to the “flock”. You’ll need tenacity to defeat all the potential setbacks and persistence to solve the anticipated problems you’ll encounter along the way.

Take risks. If you’re intimidated by the prospect of starting something from scratch or if you get afraid by being solely responsible for the success or failure of your new venture, then you’d better evaluate your “calling”. Running a small church or ministry is not about taking risks, it’s more about managing and reducing them. Making sure your business is protected with the right church insurance is one way to protect yourself along the way.

Passion.  You believe God has called you to do this and so you have launched yourself headlong into a new venture, church or ministry? You’ve got to have PASSION for what you do:  believe that you are starting something great. It is also a very personal venture to build something that has not been there before.

Creativity.  A creative person usually is able to see and think beyond what exists today and suggest or ask WHY NOT or COULD WE. That takes imagination and vision. What are the features or benefits of your church that have never been addressed by others? What new things is your church camp or ministry addressing that others have ignored in the past?

Delegate. It can be fun to be the first person or leader of a new ministry BUT Delegate - CMIRisk Church Ministry InsuranceSooner or later you are going to need some help. Otherwise you will run the risk of getting fatigued and burned out. Hire people smarter and more talented then you, sit back and watch them take ownership for the ministry and get out of the way!

CMI Risk has been insuring churches and ministries for years and we know what it’s like to have a real passion for what you do. We’re passionate about creating an environment that protects your assets and institutes best practices for your organization.

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