Improve Your Workers Compensation Program Through Employee Selection

Improve Your Workers Compensation Program Through Employee Selection

One of the most important things an employer can do is hire the best possible person for the company. In the current employment market, it is easy to lose sight of how employee selection is directly tied to employee injuries. Hiring the wrong person can put your workers;’ compensation program at risk. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to help prevent workers’ compensation losses through the right hiring processes.

• Always require formal applications for all employees.
• Conduct detailed interviews.
• Check references.
• Conduct background checks and drug testing as the law allows.
• Train your interveners to watch for indicators of past job performance issues. These might include applicants who offer vague responses, quite a previous job without notice
• or show negative patterns of behavior in their job histories.
• Be aware of any past employee fraud issues. This may include being fired or blaming others for performance issues.
• Have clear job responsibilities and share these with a potential employee.
• Develop a return to work program.
• Your job description should have specific physical demands outlined, and the employee should sign they can meet these demands.

Workers’ compensation is an important part of your business insurance program. It is required by state law that your business has workers’ compensation insurance.

As a business owner, you go to great lengths to provide a safe working environment for your employees. Workers’ compensation continues to be a significant cost driver for most employers, and understanding all the factors that can drive your workers’ compensation cost can often be complex and time consuming.

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