A Church Leader’s Guide To Risk Management

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Developing a comprehensive safety and risk management plan for your church starts with assessing the risks in each key area of ministry.

When a child custody dispute erupted after a nursery school graduation ceremony at the Grabill Missionary Church many years ago, teachers at the school were caught squarely between the battling parents. “At the time, we didn’t have a clear policy in place,” former Pastor David Sjoberg said, “and our staff even disagreed among themselves how to handle the situation.”

In the wake of that incident, church leaders realized that they needed to develop more comprehensive risk management policies. “We want to make our church the safest place we possibly can for the children in our care,” Sjoberg explained.

Like an increasing number of churches, Grabill Missionary saw the need to take steps to prevent problems before they happen—the very essence of risk management. Many churches are working on comprehensive risk management plans that thoughtfully consider and address the exposures involved in their ministries.

Reducing risks for your ministry comes down to identifying your risks and choosing staff to help develop, implement, and carry out a risk management plan.

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