Teaching People How to Fish

In August oCutting up credit cardsf 2005, one of my pastors asked me if I would help him with a new financial ministry that was starting in the Fall.  He gave me Dave Ramsey’s book, Total Money Makeover and said, “Read this.  We have a class starting in 2 weeks and I would like you to facilitate it.  It’s called Financial Peace University”  I responded with, “How many people have signed up?”  With a twinkle in his eye he said, “200!”

Over the past 5 years, this ministry has seen over 1600 people come through Financial Peace University.  We have held two Dave Ramsey Counselor Training sessions and 60 people from 5 States now are Certified Financial Coaches taking the discipleship training back to their local communities.

Never before have I seen a ministry that has the radical transformation in people’s lives like FPU.  God is using money as a means to reach the lost during these tough economic times and because Dave Ramsey is on secular radio all across the nation, he has built credibility in the secular public’s eye.  Those that are at the bottom of the barrel with their personal finances are ripe for FPU.  When a church puts on Dave’s website they are hosting a class, folks that would never step foot in a church are now coming.

FPU is laced with Scripture building credibility in the student’s mind and the final lesson 13 is the best message I have ever heard or seen on the Gospel and giving. FPU is about behavioral changes.  It is the best method on the market today, bar none!  And the bonus is the evangelistic tool to reach your local community with help that is real and tangible.


Encouraging letter to pastor about how FPU changed their lives

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