Pre-Planning Helps You Get The Best Commercial Insurance

As a church leader, you search high and low for commercial insurance for your business. But did you know that one of the most important things you can do is lay a good foundation before you start your search? 


Business Insurance Buying Tips

  1. Know your risks. It is a good idea to review your operations and consider all the risks your business may have. Review recent legal actions and settlements in your industry. Talk to peers and find their level of coverage. Using your peer feedback and industry research, determine the average legal costs and settlement to set your coverage limits.
  2. Get your documents in order. Gather up your losses history, copies of current policies, and financial information. This will help expedite the renewal process. 
  3. Find an agent or broker you can trust. Look for an agent who knows about your type of business.

4.  A commercial insurance agent can guide you to a policy that fits the needs of your business. Using an independent agent allows you to have the agent shop the market to find the best combination of coverage, price, and service. An agent can also help you with all these items. The more the agent understands your overall business and finances, the better they will be able to find competitively priced products for you.

Consider the following non-traditional kinds of insurance.

  • Flood or earthquake
    • Employment liability
    • Cyber liability
    • Directors & officers liability
    • Increased umbrella or excess liability
    • Professional liability
    • Third-party dishonesty

We offer many lines of Commercial Insurance. We provide business insurance for Special Events. We also specialize in insurance packages for specialty and general contractors who can provide coverage for most retail operations, including restaurants, bars, stores, shops, vendors, and distributors. We also offer the following packages and mono-line coverage.

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