Cyber Risk For Churches

Today’s technology helps Christian ministries extend their reach when proclaiming the Gospel. Innovation is crucial when it comes to communication, but it brings about its own challenges—especially when it comes to software, social media, online giving, and e-commerce.

Our cyber liability coverages help protect your ministry against property damage, financial damage, or emotional injury claims resulting from your ministry’s activities related to computer use and electronic data.

Brotherhood Mutual’s cyber liability coverages protect your ministry against claims of:

  • Unauthorized computer use that causes damage to another’s computer-related property.
  • Computer-related activity that accidentally damages another individual, organization, or enterprise.
  • Financial losses of others from unintentional transmission of computer viruses or other harmful files.
  • Data breach liability for improperly using, failing to properly protect, or losing electronic personal information.
  • Errors caused by specified IT contractors working on your behalf.

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