Earthquake Risk…Disasters Can Happen


Natural disasters are part of the price we all pay for living on the west coast. We all appreciate the good weather, lakes, mountains, and the natural beauty found on the west coast. However, fires, mudslides, floods, and earthquakes are just a few of the natural disasters common to the western states.  Earthquakes are especially a concern in many of the western states, and they are almost impossible to predict with 100% accuracy.

Earthquake Insurance – Typically, earthquake insurance covers damage to your home, business, and your personal property. Most policies also cover costs incurred to minimize further damage after the earthquake, plus costs for additional expenses. Deductibles are generally 10-15% of the insured amount. Earthquake losses are not covered under your homeowners insurance policy.

Earthquake Safety Tips

  • Brace tall fixtures.
  • Get to know nearby evacuation sites, such as schools or parks.
  • Secure all electronics.
  • Major appliances, like your water heater and refrigerator, should be secured with straps screwed into the wall studs to help keep them from falling over.
  • Install foundation straps or bolting.
  • Brace chimneys.

Unlike flood insurance, earthquake coverage is available from private insurance companies rather than from the government.

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