Do Remote Workers Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?


Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system of benefits provided by states to most workers who have job-related injuries. If your company has employees, you are required by Alaska law to buy workers’ compensation insurance.

However, todays technologies allow employees to work from home, and this creates unique workers’ compensation risks for businesses. If you have telecommuting employees, you will need to make sure they are covered under your businesses workers’ compensation insurance.

A Few Actions That Might Not Be A Compensable Claim Under Workers’ Comp

  • Employee leaves home to run a personal errand.
  • Your employee takes a break and falls off a ladder at home.
  • An employee who sets up a remote office in a local coffee shop goes shopping next door and is injured in a slip-an-fall accident.

Risk Management Techniques For Telecommuting Employees

  • Clearly define work boundaries within the home.
  • Set specific work hours.
  • Businesses should ensure that the employee’s desk and chair are set-up ergonomically.
  • Make sure the employee understand that work from home options may change.
  • Specifically describe the scope of the employee’s activities.

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