Cyber Liability

Brotherhood Mutual’s cyber liability coverages protect your ministry against claims of:

  • Unauthorized computer use that causes damage to another’s computer-related property.
  • Computer-related activity that accidentally damages another individual, organization, or enterprise.
  • Financial losses of others from unintentional transmission of computer viruses or other harmful files.
  • Data breach liability for improperly using, failing to properly protect, or losing electronic personal information.
  • Errors caused by specified IT contractors working on your behalf.

And reimburses you for expenses related to:

  • A data breach, which may include the cost to send required notifications, the fees associated with credit monitoring services, or the fees paid to a public relations firm to protect your reputation.
  • Data retrieval associated with litigation.
  • Special defense coverage for responding to subpoenas, regulatory actions, or non-compensatory lawsuits related to computer use or electronic data.

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