As Spring Approaches, The Need For Flood Insurance Increases

Deep Flood Water in Residential Area. Des Plains IL USA. City Under River Flood Water. Nature Disasters Photography Collection.

You Need Flood Insurance

It is next to impossible to predict our weather, but one thing we do know is that as we approach spring, the chances of flooding increases.  Unpredictable weather patterns seem to be the norm this year, and a series of extreme precipitation events is drenching many parts of the U.S., leading to flooding.  According to FEMA, over the past several years, about 55 % of all declared disasters involved flooding.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance can be purchased as a separate policy, covering your home and personal property. Flooding is excluded under most homeowner’s insurance policies. We can help you secure flood coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program. If you live in a low risk area, premiums start as low as $150.00 per year for your home.

Flood insurance will not cover any vehicles, mold, money, or temporary housing expenses. You can determine whether you’re in a low or high-risk flood area by reviewing the flood maps at FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center, or by consulting with our office


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