Workers Compensation Cost Savings Strategies


A Safety Program helps in two ways:  Many insurance companies provide a credit just for having a safety program in place and your loss history is one of the key factors underwriters take into account when rating your Workers’

Compensation premium.

Several keys to a successful Safety Program

1. Management Commitment

If upper management doesn’t take safety seriously, there’s no way your employees will, either. Like any other successful company value, safety has to come from the top. When you see how much money a good safety program can add to the bottom line, upper management will have all the reason they need to be committed to safety.

2. Disciplined Hiring Practices

Make safety a part of your interview and hiring process. Tell applicants that safety is important and listen for safety red flags in interviews. Continue to make a point of safety through new hire orientation and in new hire packet company policies and procedures.

3. Customized Training

Train each employee in the safe way to perform their specific duties. Make the safe way “the only way we do it, here”.

5. Supervisor Accountability

Build safety objectives into supervisor accountability. Reward them for their team’s good safety practices.

6. Reward for Performance

It’s a time tested tactic: give employees something they want if they do what you want.

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