Church Board Failures

Being selected to serve on your church board is a great honor. It can be a rewarding ministry and provides one of the most valuable services to the body. Serving on a church board can really have a meaningful impact but also have some dangers. We have seen many boards get caught in traps, and in the end, the body suffers. Take heed to these. Do your best not to get caught in the traps. 

Trap 1- Individual agendas; don’t allow individuals to push their personal agendas, like pushing change in leadership at their first meeting, wanting to change doctorial issues to name a few. The solution, always focus on God’s agenda.

Trap 2-  Filling a position rather than finding people of integrity; sometimes it might actually be better to let a position go for a period of time rather than fill it with an unqualified or immature individual.

Trap 3-Following church tradition rather than Biblical instruction; many churches tend to operate under a sense of “that’s the way we have always done it”. Never let church tradition get in the way of Biblical standards.

Trap 4- The pastor is God, don’t question him; I am not saying boards should not follow the pastor, pastors need to. But the pastor is a man, the board’s responsibility is to lead and manage with open honest communication. Don’t just blindly follow one man, unless that man is Jesus




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