Summer Church or Ministry Risk

The weather is heating up (relatively speaking) and summer is right around the corner. With that comes the usual break for kids from school and many other changes in our daily schedules. Not only are our children out of school and need to be accounted for every hour BUT that also means there are other potential insurance risks that now must be dealt with. Take a little time and evaluate the following:

  • Buildings and grounds- when the kids leave that does not mean that no one is responsible any longer. Vacant buildings are a target for vandalism or disrepair. Have your night lights checked and working along with your deferred maintenance schedule of repairs.
  • Kids are out of school, on bikes and pathways. Make sure your company drivers and employees are especially aware when driving or delivering near any playgrounds or schools.
  • Churches and church camps can be especially busy during this timeframe. Have you reviewed your insurance policy limits and liabilities to insure that you are covered for all extracurricular programs.
  • Missions teams are headed on trips and in some cases overseas. Make sure all staff are covered under your auto policies and/or foreign travelers have updated their immunizations and travel coverage.
  • Summer plant and tree growth- things just look different in summer. Is that tree limb finally hanging out too far over your office roof now and worthy of cutting?

Summer is a great time of outdoor activity, travel and family time. Make sure that you take the right steps this summer to insure that your church or ministry is protected and protecting the flock they serve from potential harm!

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