How to Stay Safe During an Active Shooting Situation

police-1537106_1920It is hard to believe we have to talk about this, but given the world we live in, it may be time to address this situation.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families that have suffered loss from shooting situations.  We hope you and your family never has to deal with these situations, but we want you to be prepared for the worst.  We have looked to law enforcement for help in providing these safety tips. Active shooter situations often last only 10 to 15 minutes, so it is important to think fast.

Follow these rules: Evacuate, hide out, call out, and fight

  1. Be aware of the situation, and stay calm.
  2. Wherever you are, take note of exit locations.
  3. If possible, try to get out of the building.
  1. If you are unable to get out of the building, go quickly to an area that can be locked or barricaded.
  2. Lock all doors and windows, turn out the lights and stay away from, and lower than, the sightline of all windows.  Barricade the door if you cannot lock it.
  1. Call 911 and describe the situation the best you can.
  2. If you are in the building, remain in the room until a police officer or other authority gives the “all clear.” Be sure it is the police or a competent authority who is giving the “all clear”, and not the shooter attempting to gain entry into the room.
  3. As a last resort, and only when your life is in imminent danger, attempt to disrupt and/or incapacitate the active shooter by: Acting as aggressively as possible against him/her, throwing items and improvising weapons, yelling, and then committing to your actions.


This information is for general purposes only; we are not qualified law enforcement and recommend you always follow all law enforcement directions.


Sources: Department of Homeland security, NorthwesternUniversity and the City of Frontenac Mo.

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