Don’t Let A Loss Turn Into A Financial Disaster

pf 0There is nothing worse than having a major home fire or other loss. The second wore thing might be to have a loss then have difficulty getting your home repaired. This is especially true in areas where a major disaster has hit. Unfortunately, disaster affected neighborhoods are often targeted by some unscrupulous people who offer construction, clean-up, or repair “services”, and then defraud victims.

Here are a few tips to help you survive your disaster

  1. Always hire a reputable contractor.
  2. Ask for the contractor’s license and bond numbers, then check with the state.
  3. Never pay 100% up front.
  4. It is good to get more than one bid.
  5. Contractors are not insurance agents; they cannot interpret coverage.
  6. Never sign a certificate of completion until you are completely satisfied.
  7. Get references.
  8. Review all bills and documents.
  9. Get your agent involved to help you through the process.
  10. Get everything in writing, including costs and how they plan to deal with cost overages and changes.

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