Mission Trip Safety…Are You Prepared?

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There is nothing more valuable than sending a group of people on a mission trip. The chance to see new places and people. The opportunity to expand your faith can be life changing. You’ve made the basic decisions in planning your mission trip and can’t wait to jet off to the field.

Consider the following as you make mission plans:

Figure insurance coverage into the missions budget. Most insurance policies only apply within the United States, meaning you’ll need additional medical and liability coverage for foreign travel.

Get written proof of coverage. It’s easy to assume everything’s covered when a mission trip organizer says the trip is insured. Ask for proof of insurance coverage and examine the details of what’s covered and what’s not.

Think before driving in foreign countries. From traffic laws to insurance requirements to security concerns, the driving environment in other countries is often very different from what Americans are used to. It may be wise to hire a professional driver native to the area to handle driving duties during a mission trip.

Be careful going places where there’s political unrest or threats of violence. Keep an eye on the news and stay in contact with sources near the destination. The U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs posts up-to-date, area-specific safety information on its website and on Twitter. You can also purchase security assistance services as part of certain insurance policies. If conditions are volatile, weigh the risks and consider rescheduling the trip if necessary—some insurance coverage may apply to rescheduling or cancellation costs

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