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In the winter of 2012, God sparked a vision in the hearts of two men. A single spark can ignite a firestorm. And a compelling vision can launch a movement. Through networking, conversations, and the hand of God, a dream is growing into an historic moment in Portland’s history. The Jesus Experiment Cross Walk will take place on Saturday, April 19, 2014, the day before Easter Sunday. Our prayer is that God will use this powerful time to spark a revival that will spread from the participants, their churches, families and friends to the city of Portland and beyond.

How You Can Get involved

  • Carry a Cross-If you are ready to have the most unique Easter experience ever, commit to carry a cross with family or friends.
  • Pray- This team needs prayer. The truth is that this is an immense effort that can only happen by connecting with God. In the weeks and months leading up to Jesus Experiment Cross Walk, prayer is necessary to prepare our community for this activity.
  • Volunteer- We need you! And a lot of other people. This event has diverse needs for diverse skills. We need help to build crosses, help at check in, set up and clean-up workers and many, many more

Consider how you want to be involved in Cross Walk and if pitching in with us is a good fit for you. Working together is a powerful bonding experience. Grab some friends and family members to volunteer together. Or come together as a group from church to help create the most memorable Easter ever! Whatever combination of people come to pitch in, we know that you were uniquely selected by God to do this work.

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