5 Ways to Protect your Buildings this Winter

The Pacific Northwest experienced one of its driest summers ever in 2012. That great weather disappeared less then 3 weeks ago and now the fall and winter weather appears to have settled in. That means there are maintenance and weather proofing issues we must all deal with before too long.

Did you accomplish all of the weather preparations for this fall and winter? If not, lets take a look at the 5 best things you can do right now to protect your buildings and grounds;

1. Climb up onto your roof! Yes, I know it is wet and slippery BUT better now, then at 10pm when you get a call that the roof is leaking! Look at all of the seams and low points for potential cracks in the sealant or shingles.

2. Cover up all those crawl space vents! Now is the time to close or seal those ventilation vents in your foundation. Cold air will not help your heating bill and all little critters are looking for warmer places to hang out.

3. Did you trim the bigger branches? I love looking up at our mature trees BUT really need to keep an eye on those larger branches as they creep out OVER the building roof and become a potential issue during the next big wind or ice storm!

4. Moss covered walkways? Did you miss power washing the walkways and sidewalks this past summer? They will become an ice skating rink with the constant rain and present a real hazard for your customers to walk on this winter!

5. Have your Insurance agent take a walk around! Your independent Insurance agent (www.cmirisk.com) is trained to look for the big and small details, that will save you time, money and unnecessary risk with care and maintenance of your facilities. Call them today!

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