Tools and Resources to Arm your Church or Ministry

If you are like me, you look to         Church & Ministry Insurance - CMI Risk Insurance
surround yourself and see people that are better and  smarter then you. That is a management and operational paradigm I have followed all my life and it has paid constant dividends. That is why I ONLY represent Brotherhood Mutual Insurance as my sole provider of insurance. They have been great partners over the years and continue to protect my customers. Knowing full well the goal at the end of the day is to increase the platform of Jesus Christ.

I have also worked and served with various other ministry boards and groups and have accumulated a bevy of tools, resources and insight from their organizations. These tools are all posted on our web site; and viewable through the various drop down menu bars on the top of the home page.

These include but are not limited to Risk management tools like;

· Foreign travel risk assessment/release
· Facility use agreement
· Children/youth worker application form
· Church fleet safety policies
· Safe mentoring relationships guideline
· Construction planning check list

Church finance tools include the following resources;

· Computer hackers
· Cyber security
· Documents and records checklist
· Financial controls checklist

Finally, we also offer seminars to our church partners on the following topics;


Bottom-line, we are here to help and support the Church and ministry groups that are working diligently to promote the bride of Christ. Call us today if you have any questions or need copies of any of our resources mentioned above or are posted on our web site;

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