Yearly Risk Assessments

Just like going to the doctor every year is a good idea (especially if you are as old as me!) it is beneficial to sit with your insurance agent and talk through all the changes of the past year with your church or ministry. We are living in very dynamic times with dramatic changes in staffing, governmental law (heard of Obama Care?) and insurance coverage, so it is a good idea to check in with your agent every year.

What changes are relevant for discussion:

  • staffing- add or drop numbers, do you have anyone new that may additional liability issues
  • management- change leaders, pastors, add staff, have new meetings, retreats that you are attending
  • events- most churches and ministries are needing to raise more and more funds to meet their operational budgets
  • health care- have you evaluated your plan compared to the new federal health care mandates
  • buildings- built or remodeled any new buildings this year
  • programs- have you added a summer camp ministry or will the junior high travel to southern California for bible clubs
  • casualty and liability limits- have you reviewed these numbers in the past 5 years? Likely that you need to increase or reduce limits to make payments affordable and/or cover your risk

The real point is that there are another hundred areas of ministry exposure that your professional independent church ministry agent needs to review for you and give you options to save money or protect your resources. Give CMI a call today!

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