Church Risk to Outside Groups

Churches pose a range of issues when it comes to insurance so it’s important to make sure you have them all covered when you buy church insurance . Church officials, like those in other community organizations, need to ensure they have a good long term relationship with a reputable agent in order to be confident of having the best coverage on an on-going basis.

Churches are high traffic venues, with people of all ages in and out participating in many different activities, from religious services to education and social activities. Whenever you have numbers of people, plus a venue, you have a liability risk. When you have to factor in activities that involve children and teens, you may need to consider extra liability risks.

As a church often offers their facility to their local community as a place for meetings, sanctuary and community, it should ensure that anyone who is involved in church activities is protected as part of a church insurance package. Additionally, you may have seasonal interest in using your sports fields, basketball courts or park areas for outdoor activities that expose the church to additional risk.

Call an experienced independent agent like CMI Risk to make an appointment to discuss the best options for coverage for your faith group.

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