Insurance Risk; Driving On Ice Roads Or Protected With Guard Rails?

I love the new series of reality adventure shows that dominate cable TV now. NO, I am not talking about Jersey Shore or Dancing with the Stars either! Tough gritty shows where people face challenges and have issues like me. Shows like Gold Rush, Ax Men and Repoman are more to my liking. The show I like the best though is IRT: Ice Road Truckers! These crazy folks drive semi-trucks 250 miles north of the arctic circle on a 400+ mile route. They drive loads of machinery, tools, food and fuel to towns and work camps that bound by winters weather 9+ months a year. The road is made of crushed rock, covered by ice on top of ground that is frozen year round. In fact, a segment of the road carries them over the frozen Mackenzie River for a period of time, with loads in excess of 40+ tons! Now that is what you call a calculated risk!

Many of us take risks in our decision making process daily and weekly BUT certainly not to these same life and death levels. Your church may be walking this delicate balancing act even now and not even know it.

Have your elders evaluated their property or liability limits lately? If you have an older building, I can guarantee your issues are bigger and more relevant now then they were when you built the church 30-50 years ago!

Do you have a training program for your volunteers and staff on employment practices, vacation or time off, travel requirements or Internet security? If not, you are exposing yourself to unnecessary risk that can translate into financial loss down the road. I have heard every story and reason why churches CANNOT afford this protection and we both know you cannot afford to NOT review these issues. Scott Stuart is owner of Church Ministries Insurance Risk

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