Passport to Ministry Foreign travel Insurance

Your ministry does not stop at the border, so why should your insurance? Brotherhood designed 3 options for short term missions travel that should fit your churches need for  protection. Not only did we know and expect that this program was needed but we are constantly reminded by our clients why this protection is so important .

One of the most emotionally heavy claims we processed this summer was when three teenagers lost their lives on a mission trip out of the country.  Less than 24 hours before the team was scheduled to return home to their families, they decided to visit the beach.  A rip tide suddenly swept in and pulled 5 of the team members out to sea. Because the team was covered with a Passport to Ministry policy:

  • Emergency medical expenses were paid.
  • The necessary paper work for both the foreign government and the US was expedited in order to get them back home to their families.
  • Brotherhood facilitated and paid for the repatriation of their remains.
  • Each family was compensated $50,000 via our accidental death and dismemberment benefit.

In tragedies large and small, Brotherhood comes alongside you in these situations as not only the insuring company, but as a partner in all your emotional and spiritual needs. That is the heart of a company that cares and is able to demonstrate love in your darkest hour of need.

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